April 2011 New Release 6.0.9


KnowledgeNET Version 6.0.9 (April 2011)

What’s New?

Control of items that appear in your Group Navigator (Teachers)

 Not using your class calendar or class noticeboard? Never created an assignment for your class? Well now you have the ability to hide these items from your class/group navigator.

In your Group Area, click on the Action Button located in the Navigator and select Display Options. Choose the items you want to hide and voilà they will disappear from your class/group navigator.


Better Status Reporting of SMS & LMS Connection (Administrators)

We've made it easier for you to find out the status of your data sent from your SMS to KnowledgeNET. Simply go to the SMS Connection link in the Admin panel and check out the Current Batch Status (updated every 10 min) or Batch History to view details. You can even find out specific error information if a message has failed. 


Provisioning Rules (Administrators)

Want an easy way to assign groups of users to other groups? When would I use this feature?

 - assign students enrolled in specific classes to departments e..g English classes assigned to English  Department

- assign all students and teachers to a specific group e.g. library

- assign students from specific rooms into teams e.g. Room 1, Room 2, Room 3 in Rata Team

- assign all teachers to a specific group e.g. a working action group


Plus a whole lot more new features and bug fixes! Download the release notes for a detailed report.

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