KnowledgeNET Release v6.13.1.0

KnowledgeNET - Release Notes
March 2013

Release: KNv6.13.1.0 - Beta


  • Filing Cabinet / File Manager
    • Simpler way to upload files into filing cabinet (8388)
    • Too many steps to upload files. It would be nice to be able to directly upload into the filing cabinet rather than having to use the flash file uploader. It would also be good to improve the filing cabinet interface as it is too busy for kids and teachers to easily navigate. Can we investigate HTML5 option for multiple uploading. Be nice if it could work on iOS etc.
    • Solution
    • In latest versions of Chrome and Firefox, users are now able to drag and drop files (1 or more) from their desktop on to the small drop area in KN.
    • When editing pages in the WYSIWYG users can now drag ONE file and drop it on to the editor. The file will be uploaded and inserted at the current cursor position.
    • Users can more easily upload and insert files in the WYSIWYG by selecting the small yellow upload icon.
  • Search - Research Zone
    • Check and update all "Useful Links" links (1622)
    • Currently a lot of the (Newspapers & others) links under Bookmarks are out of date. The school can edit / delete and update these links now.
    • Solution
    • I have reviewed all the links, and corrected them in both new schools and during the upgrade for old schools
  • Text Pages
    • Embedding Google docs (7351)
    • When we try and embed a Google doc (for example), there are 2 problems:
    • Firstly the page does not seem to update in response to saved changes in the Google Doc
    • Secondly, the size of the embedded Doc on the KN page is tiny and then very difficult to change.
    • Solution
    • It is now possible to add an external web page to KN directly, without requiring the WYSIWYG. This provides easy access to the width and height. It's under the spanner icon as "Add External Page".
    • Note - you need to use the correct URL, and we have no control over how the page is displayed; we simply provide a window into the page.
    • For a read-only view of a Google Doc, you need to get the URL. Go to the page in Google Docs, go to File - Publish to the web - Start Publishing, and copy the Document Link. For an editable view, click the top right hand Share button, make sure all the required people have access to the page, and copy the "Link to share".
  • Provisioning Service - SMS-LMS Data Sharing
    • Cater for SMSs that don't send the title field (8497)
    • The title in the SMS-LMS data is optional, and some SMSs don't send it, leading to certain schools putting it in the first name field.
    • Solution
    • The code has been updated to a) preserve the title at KnowledgeNet if none is provided by the SMS (hence you then add the title at KN)
    • b) check the first name from the SMS for one of the standard titles, and use that.
  • Admin - Year End Roll Over
    • Student Transfer Module (2401)
    • Build a module in KnowledgeNET to allow students to ‘archive’ their profile and home pages, galleries, assessments, reports etc prior to leaving school.
    • Allow them to then be able to retrieve the archived information into their new school’s KnowledgeNET.
    • This would all occur internally within KnowledgeNET without the need for the student to download or upload files and would be secured with the student’s original username and password.
    • Solution
    • The Export dialog now has the ability to import a previous export file. This results in the content appearing as a branch of plain pages in your home area (and a branch of folders in the filing cabinet). This should solve the need for students wanting to carry their work with them.
    • However, there is as yet no means to copy a complete home area and leave it in its functioning state e.g. so that you can continue to update learning journals etc. This is because the journal is linked to data held in the class, which would not exist at the new school and would thus need to be represented differently. The need for functional copies is not so great since each school uses KN differently and thus would probably provide a whole new set of journals etc. Hence we will not attempt this unless you scream loudly. Thank you for your patience.
  • Logging and Notifications
    • Logs for calendars (3571)
    • Enable the use of accurate logs for calendars (for example, being able to list changes for a specific date, rather than the entire calendars).
    • Solution
    • This was done a while ago, but the date is now stored separately as well as in the title to make investigations easier
  • All significant changes need to be logged (8111)
  • Log changes to the admin config pages, users, etc in user_action_log.
  • Need to go through KN and determine what needs logging
  • Solution
  • Learning journal entries are now logged. Calendars, Notice boards and forums have been reviewed and the logging improved. E-Reflections, all comments, learning stories, assignments, web diaries all logged.
  • Password changes logged, and most updates in the admin area.

  • Provisioning Service - Moodle2
    • Move defaults for email domain and city into a school admin controlled area and allow updates to these to update Moodle (6346)
    • Move defaults for email domain and city into a school admin controlled area and allow updates to these to automatically update Moodle.
    • In the case of email domain, all users with the original domain should be updated to the new domain (users without the original domain should remain unchanged).
    • Again changing the default city should update all users with the original city in their Moodle profiles.
    • Solution
    • -new menu item in Administration under Moodle -> Moodle 2 Configuration
    • -currently does exactly the same thing as the existing support config features
    • Won't do the update of existing users. This is likely to be dangerous and won't happen often for a school.

Bug Fixes:

  • Admin - Groups/Classes/Subjects
    • Admin user classes popup contains archived groups (8502)
    • Previously, when a group was archived, all users were disconnected. Now, teachers are left as members so they have permission to retrieve old content.
    • When managing a user's groups, these archived groups appear in their current list, which is causing confusion
    • Solution
    • The archived groups will no longer appear in the popup, but will be preserved when a user's groups are edited.
  • e-portfolio - Learning Journals
    • Prevent duplicate learning journal entries (8498)
    • Duplicate entries are appearing
    • Solution
    • KN will now check to make sure that there isn't an identical entry before adding the new one.
  • Video & Audio Comments and Files
    • Enable audio and video comments by default (8315)
    • Teachers expect the audio video commenting to be on by default, and not have to go to the admin section to enable them.
    • Solution
    • Implemented; new schools will default to having the feature turned on.
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    I have been adding  Google Docs and I can see there are embedding size options. What is the recommended option width and size to ensure the document uses the maximun size of the Knowledgenet window? I would like to be able to utilise  a full page of Knowlegenet, as that should then display most of my Google Doc and I would only have to scroll a little bit. If the full page can't be better displayed then we might as well just link it for the students, as I can't see the advantages of embedding the doc unless this can be rectified. I hope you can! Also, another challenge for you might be to be able to display the Google doc in landscape as well as portrait, as teachers use a lot of tables and therefore best page setup is landscape.



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