KnowledgeNET Features

KnowledgeNET has a range of core features to help teachers teach and students learn.


Key Features:

  • Web hosted - access anytime, anywhere!
  • Privacy - designed with children and schools in mind
  • Interoperable - connects with your student management system so less time spent on admin
  • One stop shop - centralised access to resources

Communication Tools:

  • Calendars - display upcoming events and assessments
  • Forums - online class discussions
  • Noticeboards - daily noticeboard system

Learning Tools:

  • Private class & group spaces - create powerful learning content for your class
  • Lessons - create, share and reuse lessons
  • Research Centre - 10,000 + teacher approved resources
  • Polls - gather feedback and opinions
  • Assignments - give, track and grade assignments online
  • Portfolio - each student has a reflective learning portfolio
  • Personal spaces - to store files and develop content online

Additional Modules: 

  • Concept Mapping - create curricula and manage resources
  • Moodle - develop online units of work using moodle's vast range of learning tools
  • Parent Portal - connect with parents and share important information about their child
  • Assessment Results
  • Assignment/ Homework Tasks
  • Attendance Records
  • Reports
  • Learning Resources
  • Portfolio
  • KnowledgeWEB - manage your school's public website through KnowledgeNET.
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