Departments, Subjects, Sporting, Cultural and other Groups

In charge of sports at your school or run an enviro group? Do you want to create a space for shared subject or department resources? Wouldn't it be great to be able to create an online space for this group where you can connect and share important information with group members?

There are many benefits to adding groups  to your KnowledgeNET:

  • connect with group members
  • share latest news, events etc
  • promote your group and it's activities
  • share important info
  • upload group photos
  • keep track of projects 
  • store subject and department resources (student handbook online)

How do I create a group?
Make sure you are logged in as a teacher then follow these steps:
  1. Go to Tools > Admin 
  2. Under Group Options in the Admin Menu select Groups
  3. Click add_button.GIF
  4. Select the Type of group from the drop down list e.g. Cultural
  5. Enter the group Title e.g. School Production
  6. Enter the External ID e.g. a unique code for this group e.g. schprod2011
  7. Only tick add to bookmarks if this group is to be accessed by all KnowledgeNET users e.g. Library Group
  8. Click save_button.GIF


How do I assign students to this group? Please talk to your school's KnowledgeNET administrator if you wish to assign bulk users to this group. 

  1. Go to Tools > Admin 
  2. Under User Options in the Admin Menu select Users
  3. Use the search box to find specific students
  4. Click action_button.GIF next to the students name
  5. Select the group type from the drop down menu e.g. Cultural
  6. Click  plus_button.GIF next to the relevant group e.g. School Production
  7. Click save_button.GIF


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