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Over recent times we have seen a huge uptake of Apple’s iPad in New Zealand classrooms. For all its
fantastic tools and features there are some disadvantages to be aware of:
1. The iPad doesn’t support flash! As you start to browse the internet on your iPad you will
discover just how much flash content is out there. Have you tried booking flights, watching
TV on demand, using the MoE digital learning objects, playing Mathletics and so forth? Many
of KnowledgeNET features rely on flash including voice and video commenting and file

2. The iPad doesn’t support HTML editing! This means that you can’t properly edit pages in
KnowledgeNET, Google Docs and other sites that have built in HTML editing.

3. The iPad doesn’t support AJAX to allow drag and drop webpage functionality. There are
only 3 gestures on the iPad, click, scroll and zoom. Sites like KnowledgeNET and MyPortfolio
use AJAX to enable drag and drop functionality.

So how can you use KnowledgeNET on your iPad?
Using “Puffin” as your internet browser you now have limited functionality within KnowledgeNET.
You can login and view content but have limited editing capabilities.

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