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Have you created an online learning experience for your class using KnowledgeNET? Have you got some great examples of how you can use KnowledgeNET in the classroom and across the school?  Then help contribute to the KnowledgeNET community by adding your resources to the KnowledgeNET Global Zone.

Three easy steps to share your resource:

  1. Create your resource in KnowledgeNET
  2. Copy this resource into the Global Zone
  3. Add a review of this resource e.g. keywords, tag to curriculum and year levels.

Once you have created your resource/ page(s) in KnowledgeNET simply click on the Action but above your page and select Copy. Go to the Global Zone > and click Teacher Share Area in the Navigator. Click on the Action button and select Paste Sub-pages. This will paste your pages into this area.

We then recommend reviewing your resource to make it easier for other people to find. To do this:

  1. Type the title of your page in the search box 
  2. Click on the Global Cluster Zone tabs in the search centre. You're resource should appear in the list of results.
  3. Right click on your Resource to Add Review.

What type of resources might you share?

  • webquests
  • online units of work
  • samples of lesson ideas and planning

Anything that you think would benefit other teachers and students across New Zealand. We don't need to reinvent the wheel!!!


Sample Unit Shared in the Global Zone


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