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Each class has their very own filing cabinet where you can store and share important documents, images and files for your class. Our file up-loader makes it easy to upload multiple files at once. 
Once a file has been uploaded you can copy it and use it anywhere in your KnowledgeNET. 
You can also create different folders to help organise your filing cabinet. When you create a new folder you can chose to make it a gallery folder. This means all photos stored in the folder will display in your class photo gallery.
Every user and group (excluding caregivers) have a filing cabinet. The filing cabinet is a place where store and share important documents, images and files. Our file up-loader makes it easy to upload multiple files at once into your filing cabinet. 

You can also record audio and video directly into your filing cabinet. This recording feature works by using your inbuilt microphone and camera - no need for 3rd party software!

Where can I find the filing cabinet?

Look in the Navigator and you will see a link to the filing cabinet.





It's important to organise files into folders - just like you do on your computer! This will make it easy to locate and use files. And just like your computer you can now have sub-folders.

To Add a Folder to your filing cabinet:

  1. Click on filing cabinet in your navigator. The Add Folder window will appear.

  2. Click Action > Add New Folder

  3. Configure the following options:
    • Title - Enter the Title of your Folder e.g. Y12 Shakespeare
    • Display in Gallery - Tick this box only if you want images in this folder to appear in your class Photo Gallery
    • Mobile no. to PXT from - Enter your mobile phone number (no spaces) if you wish to send images from your mobile phone to this folder.(optional)
    • Email address to PXT to - so the images sent from you mobile go to the correct folder enter a unique email address e.g. (optional)
    • Accept PXTs? - Tick this option if you wish to send images from your mobile phone to this folder in your filing cabinet.

  4. Click Save


To delete, copy or change the name  (Properties) of a folder in your filing cabinet simply right-click on the folder.



To upload files into your filing cabinet:

Make sure you have installed Silverlight (for IE) or Google Gears (for any other internet browser) so you can upload multiple files.

  1. Click on filing cabinet link in the navigator. The filing cabinet will appear.
  2. Select a folder from the list or add a new folder (see above).
  3. Go Action > Upload Files and the file uploader will appear. 

  4. Press  browse_file.GIF to find file(s) on your computer (use CTRL or SHIFT to select multiple files) or just try dragging file(s) from your computer into the uploader.
  5. Click  start_upload.GIF
  6. These files will now appear in your filing cabinet.


Right-click on a file to delete, rename, copy or open it.


Drag 'n' drop folders and items in your filing cabinet

Simply drag 'n' drop items and folders in your filing cabinet to move them around. You can even drag files and folders to the links box for easy access to resources.



To Upload Animations or images larger than 500px

To upload moving image(s) or images larger than 500px or images with transparent background wide please tick “Ignore Image Upload Options" in the file uploader before trying to upload.


Please use the Simple File Uploader if you don't have Silverlight or Google Gears installed.

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