Add, Edit or Delete Polls


You can setup polls for your class, group, staff or caregivers to gather opinion and data at a click of a button. All votes are anonymous. Voters can change their vote but the system will only record their last vote.


To create a poll:

  1. Click on polls_link.GIF in the navigator.
  2. Click onadd_new_poll_button.GIF
  3. Configure the following options:
  • Title: e.g. Shared Reading
  • Description: e.g. What book would you like me to read to you this term?
  • Delete on Expiry: tick if you poll to delete on the expiry date.
  • Expiry Date: Choose a date when poll is closed for voting.
  • Options: Select the choices e.g.
    • The Book Thief
    • Out of the Dust
    • Catching Fire
  • Show Results: Display results in real time
  • Allow Voting: Open poll for people to start voting


Click save.GIF


To Edit or Delete a Poll:

  1. Click on polls_link.GIF in the navigator.
  2. Right click on the Poll, in the list of available polls.
  3. Select edit or delete poll


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