Adding, Deleting, Renaming and Moving Sub-Pages

Sub-pages are a great way to sort your KnowledgeNET content into sections. You can create as many sub-pages as you like. You can also create sub-pages under sub-pages. You might group all your class topics under a main Units of Work page, for example.



Users can access your subpages from the Sub-Pages menu or by using the Navigator.



To add a subpage:

  1. Go to the page where you would like to add a page beneath e.g. Class Welcome page
  2. Click the Action button and select Add Sub-Page.
  3. Enter a Title for the new page e.g. Numeracy.
  4. Enable the Links Area (links to resources) and Sub-Pages Area .
  5. Click Save


To rename a sub-page:

  1. Go to Action > Properties on the page you wish to rename.
  2. Type a new Page Title
  3. Click Save

To delete a sub-page:

  1. Go to the page and click Action > Delete



Make sure you are putting the sub-pages in the correct place! The page will always be added underneath the page you are on. Use the crumb-trail at the top of your page to go back top-level pages.





Moving Sub-pages

Created a sub-page under the wrong page in your navigator?

  1. Click on the page you wish to move in the Navigator and simply drag it to the page you wish to move it under and let go! Voilá, your page will now appear underneath this page.



Remember that KnowledgeNET has lots of templates to help you design your sub-pages. Use the template button template1.GIF in the text editor to view our range of templates.

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