Publishing your digital content to the Internet

Have you created digital content in KnowledgeNET that your willing to share on the Internet? Perhaps you've created a really good webquest or online learning experience or even a template that you think others might find useful. In a few easy steps you'll be able to publish your content to the internet and it will be harvested by DigitalNZ so other people can find it.


 All resources will be published to and also fully searchable through the KnowledgeNET search centre (Global Tab)

Why would I want to share my resources? It’s about teachers helping teachers, sharing with and learning from each other. Teachers give and share all day long. Let’s do the same online – digitally – so that we can all benefit – and breathe easier. And don't be afraid, you will always be acknowledged for your work and have control over the copyright licence.


How do I publish my content?

  1. Create your page(s) in KnowledgeNET and save.
  2. Under Action button select Publish_Page.GIF
  3. The Publish Page panel will appear. Configure the following options:
    • *Page Title 
    • *Page Description - The target audience is teachers. Enter between two and six short sentences. Use neutral language and avoid promoting the time or using emotive language. Provide sufficient context for the user.
    • Enable Links Area (tick if using links)
    • Enable Sub-Pages Area (Only if you have related sub-pages)
    • Enable Javascript for this page (yes if you are embedding objects e.g. YouTube)
    • Level Type
      • Year Level e.g. 1- 13
      • Curriculum Level e.g. 1 - 8
      • TKI Level e.g Lower Primary, Middle Primary etc 

In this section use the + to add selected item or - to remove item.

    • Subject/ Topic: start typing and a list suggestions will appear. Multiple subjects and topics can be added by using + symbol.
    • Key Competencies - select from the  drop-down menu
    • *Resource Type - select the most relevant from the drop-down menu
    • Audience - who is the resource aimed at?
    • NZQA Levels - select if relevant
    • Whãnga Ako - Te Reo learning areas
    • Languages - if resource is available in another language.
    • Copyright - select the copyright notice (Creative Commons Licences explained here)
Click save_publish.GIF.

Where can I view my published resource?

  2. Under the global/ cluster zones tab in the search centre
  3.  will shortly be harvested by Digital NZ

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