Adding, Deleting and Commenting in Forums


Forums allow students, teachers and parents to interact on specified topics. Topics are always initiated by teachers or KnowledgeNET administrators. Forums are NOT anonymous, a user has to be logged in to make a comment on a forum topic.


To add a Forum Topic:

  1. Click on the forum_link.GIF in your Navigator.
  2. Click on Add Topic to create a new forum topic e.g. Class Navigator

  3. Give the forum a Title e.g. Refugees KWL. 
  4. Click Edit to write content for your forum e.g. Write what you know and what you want to find out about our topic on Refugees. 
  5. Click  Save to update the Content

  6.  Click Save to update the forum topic


To Edit a Forum Topic select the topic and select action- edit forum:


To Post a Response to a Forum Topic:

  1. Click on the Forum topic link

  2. Click Action > Add New Post

  3. Type your response and click Save

 You can also refresh the forum by selecting the spanner and selecting "refresh"


Using Forums in the classroom:

Using a forum can be an interesting and relatively easy way to extend the walls of your classroom. Running a successful forum that improves learning outcomes needs careful planning. Check out these ideas for using forums to engage your students.

Before you start establish clear guidelines for using forums with your students. 

Sample Guidelines:

  • Always be kind and honest
  • Participate actively in discussions
  • Keep your language polite
  • Use correct grammar in your responses
  • Use emoticons to explain your feelings

Why Use Forums?

Help students consider other opinions and share ideas.

  • Communicate with experts, authors, scientists and business community members (give experts a temp student login to your KN).
  • Brainstorming and predicting with peers, students and colleagues
  • Collaborate on projects or rich tasks
  • Learners can communicate easily and in their own time

Forum Topic Ideas:

  • About Me - at the start of the school year get students introducing themselves in the forum and stating some facts and interesting information about themselves.
  • Kick off a unit of Work - What do we know? What do we want to find out? Revisit - What did we learn?
  • Collaborative Poem or Story - We are going to write a poem together. Each person has to add a line that follows on from the previous line. The poem has to be based on the theme of bullying with a rhyming couplet of AA BB CC DD etc. Each line must be made up of 7 syllables
  • Literacy Circles - students report back feedback from their literacy circle e.g. Illustrator, Connector, Summarizer, Vocab Enricher, Discussion Director.
  • Brainstorming - Postivie, Minus and Interesting
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    check out these ideas for using forums in the classroom

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