Add, Edit or Delete events in a Calendar

Calendars can be used to record a variety of events.


Each area in KnowledgeNET has it's own calendar to record specific events.


  • School Calendar: Used to communicate with teachers, students and caregivers for school wide events (updated by teachers and KnowledgeNET administrators)
  • Group Calendars: Updated by teachers to communicate specific events with their students e.g. Assessment Due, Kids birthdays etc
  • Staff Calendar: Updated by teacher and KN Administrators for staff only events e.g. Staff Meetings, PD etc
  • Personal Calendar: Students, teachers and administrators can have their own personal calendars to record their own events
  • Booking Calendars: Can be created by teachers and administrators in the staff or school area e.g. Hall Booking Calendar.
  • My Calendars: Located in your personal home area - "My Calendars" is a merged calendar of all the events you belong to e.g. class events, school events etc

Calendars can also be used as Booking Calendars. Talk to your KnowledgeNET administrator to setup booking calendars for your school.


To add a calendar event:


  1. Click on the Calendar link in Navigator.
  2. Select Action > Add Item (If you cannot see Add item you do not have permission to add to this calendar)
  3. Configure the following Options:
    • Subject - title of the event e.g. Class Camp
    • Description - edit to add a description (the text editor window will pop up)
    • Date - select the event date using the drop down options or by clicking on the calendar icon.
    • Select your start and end times otherwise make as an all day event
    • If recurring event choose frequency
    • Click on the colour palette to select a background colour.
  1.  Click save to add your event.


To edit or delete calendar event:

  1. Click on the event in your calendar.
  2. Next to the event select Action > Edit or Delete

Please note that if adding to the staff area calendar please do not add it to the top level staff calendars. Add events to calendars listed beneath.

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