Adding, Editing or Deleting Notices


The aim of a noticeboard is to ensure that information is communicated and shared across the school.

  • School Noticeboard (School Zone > School Noticeboard) used for daily notices created by teachers and available for viewing by students, teachers and caregivers.
  • Staff Noticeboard (School Zone > Staff Area) used for teacher only notices e.g. meeting reminders etc
  • Group Noticeboard (My Zone > Groups) teachers use to send notices to members of specific groups e.g. Room 1, Kapa Haka Group etc


To add a notice:

  1. Find the noticeboard you wish to add a notice to.
  2. Click Action > Add New Notice.
  3. Configure the following options:
    • Enter the subject line of your notice e.g. Class Trip
    • Description: Click edit to enter a description for your notice (The text editor will pop up)
    • Date: Select the date you wish the notice to appear
    • Expire Notice: Select how many days you wish the notice to appear.
    • Repeat - if this is a recurring event configure the frequency etc
  4. Click Save.

Your event will appear on the day you have scheduled but you can also view expired or future notices by selecting Action > Show Future Notice or Action > Show Expired Notices.


To edit or delete a notice:

You can only delete or edit a notice, if you created the notice.

Click on the Action button next to the notice you wish to edit or delete.


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