Introduction to ePortfolios

The KnowledgeNET ePortfolio is made up of a collection of online tools to enable students to collect, reflect and share learning experiences.



Benefits of an ePortfolio

ePortfolios’ develop greater student engagement, understanding and ownership of the learning process.


When used effectively ePortfolios’ can:

  • Support the process of learning through reflection, discussion and formative assessment, and provide evidence for summative assessment.
  • Personal Development Planning - Support and show evidence in the pursuit and achievement of personal competencies.
  • Provide a richer and more immediate picture of learners’ achievements and needs as they progress and transition through life and school

To ensure success, the development of  ePortfolios’ should be viewed in most instances as the centre of student learning rather than as a peripheral activity or by-product of learning.

The benefits of using ePortfolios vs traditional (paper-based) portfolios:

  • The use of rich media to hook and engage learners
  • The power of student voice cannot be underestimated. To hear students reflecting on their learning can be more powerful and convey more meaning than is possible if captured in written form.
  • The quality, not just the quantity, of feedback is enhanced and facilitated via peer, teacher and caregiver feedback.
  • The student can take their ePorfolio with him or her wherever he or she goes, and use it to record, assess, evaluate, and reflect at any time.


Assessement for Learning ePortfolio



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