eReflections - students writing their own reports!

E-Reflections are a chance for students to reflect on their progress over a period of time. They can describe their progress, and give themselves a score on different areas. They can do this as often as required, so that progress can be measured over a term or a year.

E-Reflections are split up into Reflection Focuses, i.e. different learning areas or subjects. There can be zero or more questions/statements for the students to evaluate themselves against.


Sample eReflection - Teacher View


Sample eReflection - Student View





Creating an eReflection 


Get students writing their own reports!

  1. Go to the eReflections.GIF  link in your class/group navigator
  2. Click add_ereflection.GIF   to create an eReflection.
  3. Configure the following options:
    • Title: e.g. My Self Report 2010
    • Start Date: Available for students to update
    • Caregiver Date: Make available for caregivers to comment
    • End Date: Close eReflection so no more edits can be made.
    • Number of student peers able to comment: Choose from drop down list
    • Select Groups: Select your class from the list
    • Year Levels: Restrict to a year level (optional)

  4. Enter Number of Focus(es): e.g. 3 and type the title of these focus(es) e.g. Reading, Writing, Maths

  5. Enter Number or Questions: e.g. 4 and type your questions:
    • I understand what I am meant to be learning
    • I take responsibility for my learning
    • I know where to get help if I’m stuck
    • I know my next steps 


    6.  Configure Answer Key:


    7.  Click save.GIF  to rollout eReflection.


Student Commenting on an eReflection

Once rolled out students are able to update their eReflections with comments on their learning. To do this they must be logged in.



  1. Click on the eReflections.GIF link in your personal navigator. A list of eReflections will appear.
  2. Click on title bar to reveal summary of an eReflection.

  3. Click er_open.GIFto post comments. A list of reflection focuses will appear.
  4. Click add_posting_1.GIF beneath the focus you wish to comment on. The Add Posting window will appear.

  5. Click Edit to enter your thoughts/comments and rate your self using the radio buttons.
  6. Click small_ok.GIF to save entry.



Teacher Commenting on eReflections

You can post comments on student submissions. To do this:

  1. Go to My Zone > Manage Assessments > eReflections. A list of open eReflections will appear.
  2. Click on the eReflection title and select Action > View this eReflection

  3.  A list of students in your class will appear. Click open.GIF next to the student name and a copy of the students eReflection will open.
  4. Click Action > Add Comment  type your comment and save.GIF


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