Portfolios for Teachers - Web Diary

KnowledgeNET has always had portfolio tools for students and we’re now pleased to announce the release of our portfolio tool for teachers – Web Diary. Check out some of the key features and benefits of the Web Diary.

  • Ability for admin to set school wide topics for teacher to reflect on.
  • Ability for teachers to set their own topics to reflect on such as personal teaching goals.
  • Easily attach artefacts such as video, documents and images as evidence
  • Tag entries to multiple topics 
  • Invite specific colleagues to comment on entries in your web diary
  • Get notified when you have been invited to comment on a colleagues entry or when somebody has commented on your entry

Learn how to set up and manage your Web Diary 


To access your Web Diary

Your web diary is located in your personal navigator. Click on the Web Diary link to add entries. Please talk to your school's KnowledgeNET administrator if you do not see this link. They may need to enable this functionality for you > in Tools > Administration > User Options > New Teacher configuration and tick web diary option.




School Topics for reflection (Created by your KnowledgeNET administrator)

Schools wide topics are set for all teachers by the site administrator (Tools > Administration > Config Options > Web Diary)

For example you might set the following school wide topics for all teachers at your school:

  • Inquiry Learning
  • Integrating ICT 
  • Classroom Environment
  • Assessment for learning
These topics might relate to your schools strategic plan/goals 


Teachers Creating personal topics for reflection:

Create a list of topics to help categorise and sort your entries. You can have range of topics and tag entries to multiple topics. A topic might be a personal/professional goal you are working on e.g. connecting with parents, co-operative learning, implementing the new curriculum etc

To create your topics:

  1. Click on the Web Diary link in your personal navigator
  2. Click  spanner.GIF and select Manage Topics. The Personal Topics window will appear

  3. Type your new topics in the fields provided and select display from drop down menu
  4. Click OK to save changes.

To add an entry to your Web Diary

  1. Click on the Add Entry button

  2. Click the plus.GIF to reveal topics and use the check boxes to select topics the entry belongs to.

  3. Attach evidence to your entry. Select either webdiary_editcontent.GIF to open the online text editor or webdiary-addfile.GIF if you wish to attach a document, video, image or sound.
  4. Describe and reflect on your entry in the available space and remember to click webdiary_saveentry.GIF


Invite peers to comment

You can create a default peer list who will always get notified when you add entries in your web diary. You can also invite other peers to comment on specific entries only.

To create a default peer list:

  1. Click on the spanner.GIF and select Default Peer List. A new window will appear.
  2. From the list of names use the plus.GIF to select peers and click save. These people will automatically be notified of any updates to your web diary.

To invite peers to comment on specific entries:
  1. When viewing an entry click on the spanner.GIF and select manage peers. The manage peers window will appear.
  2. From the list of names use the plus.GIF to select peers and click save. These people will be notified and asked to comment on this specific entry.

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    Yeah - looks simple enough - but how do I turn it on?  Where are the instructions for the administrator?  I'll have a look in Help files and maybe make progress from these?

  • 0
    Leah Breeds

    I also can't see the web diary - it's not showing up under my navigation, or under the navigation of someone who is a teacher (not an administrator). 

  • 0

    Did Sarah contact you to expalin - as she did me?  Your Administrator has to set it on for your school.  I have done so for mine now.  :)

  • 0

    your KN administrator needs to turn on for your school >

    in T*ools > Administration > User Options > New Teacher configuration and tick *web diary option**. 


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