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Did you know you can now add voice and video comments in your Web Diary, Learning Journals and text pages? Our voice and video comment tool uses your computers inbuilt microphone and webcam to capture your voice and video. This means no need for third party software to capture rich learning conversations.

Please NB: Voice and video comments must be turned on by your KnowledgeNET site administrator under Tools > Administration > Configuration Options > General Configuration before this feature can be used.

Currently this feature is only available in the learning journals, web diaries and page comments but will be rolled out to other areas of KnowledgeNET including;

  • Forums
  • Other Portfolio Tools


How to record a video comment:

When viewing an entry in a learning journal or web diary you will see the reveal comments-button.PNG button . Click on this button to reveal all comments and the add comment box.



  1. Click  video-record-button.PNG  and the video recording window will open.

  2. Click allow.JPG, to enable Adobe Flash to access your inbuilt camera and microphone. 
  3. Press record_button.JPG in the middle of the screen to start capturing voice and video

  4. Press Stop on the player to end recording

  5. You will now be given the option to:
    • record another video
    • or save this video so it can be used as a comment

  6. Click save_video.JPG to add as a video comment. You can also add a text comment to sit alongside video comment

  7. Click post-button.PNG

If you wish to delete the recording before posting the comment then click  delete-recording.PNG. This will remove the recording from the post.

To edit or delete your comment after posting simply hover your mouse over your comment and the delete and edit buttons will appear.




How to record a Audio comment:

  1. Click  audio-record-button.PNG  and the audio recording window will open. Follow the same steps as above.

Please note:
  • On some computers, depending on its settings, microphone feedback can be an issue.
  • Schools will need to allow ports 1935 to be open for the media streaming and the comments to work
  • If you have a slow internet connection please only allow a maximum of 6 people recording at once. Especially video recording.
Both these issues are beyond our control
  • Flash can crash on google chrome. Sometimes when in Chrome the flash player freezes because of a conflict between multiple flash installations.


    In order to fix this please follow the next steps:

    1.       Open a Google Chrome browser and type in the address bar: about:plugins

    2.       In the plugin list locate the Flash section and click on the Details button (on the right)

    3.       Only one should be enabled (the one with the Location value of C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\NPSWF32.dll)


    For detailed instructions please check out this link:

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