Managing SMS Assessments

The power of the parent portal lies in giving parents real-time access to important information about their child’s academic progress. The assessment data is pulled directly from your SMS. 

Once the data is in KnowledgeNET take the following steps to make the information more relevant to caregivers and students.


Associate Assessments to Your Class/Groups

It is important to associate an assessment to a class(s). This means as a teacher will be able to easily find your students and add additional individual comments. 

1. Go to My Zone> Manage Assessments  > and a list of SMS Assessments will appear.

2. Click Action > View Classes/Groups and assign your class to the assessment by clicking plus_button.GIF 

3. Click save.GIF


Please note a teacher can associate assessments to their class – this is not an admin task.


Assessment Overview

Want to display your generic assessment data in easy-to-read graphs? 

1. Go to My Zone> Manage Assessments > and find your generic assessment e.g. class speeches in the list

2. Click Action > Edit to define the result type e.g. Percentage

3. Enter the maximum, median and minimum result e.g. 100, 50 and 0.



Add Additional Assessment Comments to Indiviual Students

This feature enables you to add additional comments to an individual student’s assessment record. Comments can include a summary and next learning steps.

1. Go toMy Zone> Manage Assessments > and find the assessment in the list

2. Click Action > View Results

3. Click Search Options to refine your search e.g. find only those students results in a specific class.

4. Click Edit next to student name and enter summary comments and next learning steps.

5. Clicksmall_ok.GIF to save comments.

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