What is the Text Editor?

The text editor is  used to edit your web pages in KnowledgeNET. It provides most of the commonly used functions from desktop editors like Word to the web. By using the text editor you can write text, format it, create tables and much more


To open the text editor edit_content.GIF  above the page you wish to edit. 


The text editor provides a clean and simple user interface which should be familiar to users who worked on common desktop text editors like.Microsoft Word or Open Office. It consists of four distinct elements:

  • Toolbar - the area at the top of the editor, which contains many different buttons. You will use these buttons to activate the programs functions.
  • Editing Area - the area below the toolbar. This is the place where you type your text in.
  • Context Menu - a menu with functions which appears when you click the right button of the mouse inside the editing area.
  • Dialogs - small windows that appear when some of the functions are activates, used to provide the necessary information to accomplish that function.



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