Toolbar Overview

The Toolbar is the area in editor where you can activate most of the editor features. Each button in the toolbar access a different function. There are simple functions for basic text formatting and more advanced features like creation of links and tables.



The Editor Toolbar

To use the buttons in the toolbar you must move your mouse pointer over the button. The button will highlight and a message with the information about the button function will appear. Click on the button to execute its function. With more experience you will have full control over all editor features and you won't have to read the discription of the buttons. You will just use them intuitively.


Besides the toolbars buttons there are also toolbar combos (drop down boxes). The combos are the white areas with a little arrow on its side. They can be easily accessed by clicking on the white area or the little arrow. Once clicked the menu will expand so you can choose from one of its available options. To execute one of them, simply click on it.


Common Toolbar Functions

Aside from the normal text formatting functions the toolbar has a range of functions to help you create your pages.

template1.GIF Select a layout template to help get you started. See templates.
embed_code.GIF Paste HTML code (Embed Code) from other sites such as YouTube
spellcheck.GIF Spell check the text in your document
undo.GIF Undo the most recent action taken
link_chain.GIF Turn text or images into hyperlinks. Can create links to websites, internal links to other KnowledgeNET pages or files in your filing cabinet.
filing_cabinet_button1.GIF Insert link to an item in your filing cabinet
picture.GIF Insert an image into your page from your filing cabinet. 
image_map.GIF Create clickable regions on an image using the image map editor.
table_button.GIF Creates a table with the defined number of columns and rows
special_symbols.GIF Inserts symbols & special characters (accented characters, trademark, currency symbol, etc.).
maximise_editor.GIF Maximise the editor size. 

Why are there only a few font types to select from?

To guarantee that your text can be read on all computers and browsers you are limited to only using the standards fonts. If you wish to jazz up your pages look at using sites such as to create interesting banners for your pages.

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