Upload Flash Movies

You can use a video application like Jing to make a short video of what you can see on your computer. These video files will be saved as Flash file (.swf) and can be uploaded and played directly in your KnowledgeNET. 


Step 1: Create and Save your video as a .swf flash file.

Step 2: Upload into KnowledgeNET


To upload your video:


  1. Press flash.GIF in the text editor and a window called Flash Properties will appear.
  2. Press the filing_cabinet_button2.GIF button to access or upload the .swf file into your filing cabinet.
  3. Once uploaded into your filing cabinet, click on the .swf file to insert in your text page. The flash properties window will appear.

  4. Configure the Width & Height of your Video
  5. Press OK to insert flash file into your page.




 A few ways to use Jing and KnowledgeNET in the classroom:


Jing makes it easy to share what’s on your screen with others. You can use Jing to record video of onscreen action with voice commentary.


How could you use Jing in the classroom?

  • Narrate photos of a school event or classroom lesson
  • Show students how to … e.g. use the library catalog system, solve maths problems etc.
  • Narrate an onscreen presentation
  • Capture learning conversations and reflections of a learning experience
  • Comment verbally on students assignments


Getting Started:


  1. Download a free version of Jing at (You may need admin rights to install on your laptop)
  2. Visit the Jing help centre to find out how to take your first capture 

Once you have captured your Jing movie save it and then upload it directly into KnowledgeNET to share with your students. 

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