Inserting Images

Inserting Images into your page is very simple. Just press the picture.GIF  button on the toolbar and your filing cabinet will appear.

If your image is not already in your filing cabinet click on Action > Upload

  1. Once the image is in your filing cabinet click on it to use it in your page.


To change the properties of an image e.g. size, position etc

  1. Select the image in your page by clicking on it. 
  2. Presspicture.GIF to access the image properties for this specific image. The image properties window will appear.
  3. Configure the following options:
    • Alternative Text - puts the descriptions of the image if you want it to be different than the image name.
    • Width - specifies image width. (default is pixels but can use % if typed in e.g. 25%)
    • Height - specifies image height (You may lock the image proportions by pressing lock.GIF or you can return to the original image size by pressing refresh.GIF)
    • Border - specifies the size of the border you want to place around the image e.g. 1 = thin border 10 = thick border
    • HSpace - defines the size of the  horizontal gap.
    • VSpace - defines the size of the vertical gap.
    • Align -specifies the alignment of the image. You can choose from: Left, Abs Bottom, Abs Middle, Baseline, Bottom, Middle, Right, Text Top or Top.
  4. Pressing "OK" inserts the image with the specified properties.
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