Manually Add a User

When would you manually add users to KnowledgeNET?
  1. Interoperability has not automatically generated an account for a specific user e.g. non teaching staff
  2. Your school does not have interoperability and has a roll size smaller than 30
  3. Your school does not have interoperability and you have already completed your initial bulk upload

If your school does not have interoperability and has a roll size larger than 30 please refer to the bulk upload help instructions.


Manually Adding a User

  1. Go to Tools > Administration and a user list will appear.
  2. Click  add_button.GIF and "Add a New User" panel will appear.
  3. Configure the following options, the asterisks show the compulsory fields to fill in: 
    • External ID - a unique identifier for each user e.g. enrolment number or SMS system number etc
    • National Student Number (optional)
    • Title - select from drop down menu
    • Surname
    • First Name
    • User Type - select from the drop down menu e.g. student, teacher, administrator or caregiver
    • Year - the current year the user is in (non student users select blank option above the 0)
    • User ID - the username for logging into KnowledgeNET e.g. lisa.simpson or lsimpson or l.simpson etc
    • Password - the Password for logging into KnowledeNET. Users can change this when they first login.
    • Lock Account - select 'Y' to stop user changing account details, this also affects the user's ability to update their Profile. We recommend using defualt "N"
    • Disable User - only used to stop user accessing account
    • Email Address (optional) If using Moodle Module please enter email address
    • Work Phone (optional) 
    • Home Phone (optional) 
    • Mobile Phone (optional) 
  4. Click save_button.GIF to add user.


Once a user has been added to the system you will need to assign them to their specific classes and groups.

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