Bulk Upload Users


When would you bulk upload users into KnowledgeNET?

  • Your school does not have interoperability and has a roll size larger than 50

Bulk uploading enables you to manage a large number or users, groups and membership to these groups. The bulk uploader can also be used to upload caregivers though we strongly recommend setting up interoperability if you wish to have parents logging into KnowledgeNET.


Bulk uploading users can be completed in 3 easy steps.

  1. Export list of users and their classes from your SMS as an excel or csv file.
  2. Copy user and group data into the  KnowledgeNET spreadsheet
  3. Upload the spreadsheet into KnowledgeNET


1 Export list of users and their classes from your Student Management System

  1. Login to your SMS as an administrator and export the following student details in excel or csv format:
    • Student External ID -. a unique ID associated with each student e.g. System Number or Enrolment number etc.
    •  National Student Number
    • Surname
    • First Name (recommend using preferred name)
    • Year Level
    • User ID (only if stored in SMS)
    • Password (only if stored in SMS)
    • Email Address (only if stored in SMS)
    • Group Membership e.g. Rm1 etc
    • Caregiver Details (Optional)
      • Caregiver ID - a unique ID associated with each caregiver
      • First Name
      • Surname
      • email
  2. Save this file.
  3. Export the following teacher details in excel or csv format
    • Teacher External ID -  Unique ID associated with each teacher e.g. SMS system number
    • Title e.g. Mr, Miss etc
    • Surname
    • First Name
    • User ID (only if stored in SMS)
    • Password (only if stored in SMS)
    • Email Address (only if stored in SMS)
    • Any teaching groups e.g. Rm1
  4. Save this file

Please contact your SMS provider if you do not know how to export student and/or teacher details from your SMS. 


2 Download KnowledgeNET Spreadsheet 


Now we need to download the KnowledgeNET spreadsheet so we can copy and paste data from your SMS export into the KnowledgeNET spreadsheet.

  1. Go to Tools > Administration > Misc Admin > Uploads > Create Spreadsheet
  2. Select the spreadsheet format from the following options: Open Office ODS or Windows Excel XLXS
  3. Save this document so you can easily access it.
  4. Open the saved spreadsheet and click on the "Students" sheet at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

  5. Copy and paste student data from your SMS spreadsheet into the appropriate columns in the KnowledgeNET spreadsheet. 

  6. Click on the "Teachers" sheet at the bottom of the spreadsheet and copy and paste teacher data from your SMS spreadsheet into the appropriate columns in the KnowledgeNET spreadsheet

  7. Click on the "Caregivers" sheet at the bottom of the spreadsheet and copy and paste caregiver data from your SMS spreadsheet into the appropriate columns in the KnowledgeNET spreadsheet.
  8. Click on the "Groups" sheet at the bottom of your spreadsheet and enter all your classes and groups. This data could be copied from your SMS spreadsheet.
    • External ID - SMS system ID e.g. Room 1 might appear as Rm1 in your SMS
    • Group Type - ministry specified group types e.g. Cultural, Room, Class, House etc
    • Group Title - title that will display for users e.g. "Rm1" will have title "Room 1" or "cla207" will have title "Year 10 Biology Mr Smith"



Important Notes


  1. Groups can have multiple teachers
  2. Users can belong to multiple groups
  3. Don't forget to assign students and teachers to their groups under the "Group Membership" Column

Usernames & Passwords:

If passwords and usernames are not stored in your SMS then use excel formulas to generate for you. See some examples below.


Example: Lisa Simpson as lisasimpson



Example: Lisa Simpson as lsimpson




Example: Lisa Simpson as l.simpson



To make username all lowercase: =LOWER()




3 Upload KnowledgeNET Spreadsheet 

Review the data in your spreadsheet and then make sure it is saved before uploading. Spreadsheet can be renamed if necessary.

  1. Go to Tools > Administration > Misc Admin > Uploads > Upload Data and the upload panel will appear.
  2. Browse for the spreadsheet on your computer and upload.  Please note that if there are any errors on the spreadsheet, a prompt will open to tell you what they were. Reopen the spreadsheet and correct any errors that are listed and then re-upload the sheet.
  3. If no errors, a message will appear stating “all OK. Submitted for upload.” Depending of the size of the upload it may take awhile to process. It is safe to navigate away from this screen now.


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