Manually Assign a Parent to their child

Even if you don't have interoperability with your SMS you can still create caregiver/ parent accounts and associate these accounts with their children. This can be achieved by doing a bulk upload using the spreadsheet or individually assigning parents to their children through KnowledgeNET.


To manually assign parents to their children follow these steps:


  1. Before you start make sure you have created caregiver accounts on KnowledgeNET.
  2. Then go to Tools > Administration and a list of users will appear.
  3. Use the search box to filter results by user type "Caregiver"
  4. Click Action next to the caregivers name and select User's Children from the menu. 

  5. The "manage user's children" window will appear in a new window. Use the search box to find their child and click add_icon.GIFnext to the students name.

  6. Choose if the caregiver will receive school communication (an email feature that will be available shortly within KnowledgeNET), 
  7. Caregiver can read school records (not applicable - SMS interoperability only), Caregiver can read deomgraphics (not applicable -SMS interoperability Only)
  8. Click small_ok.GIF to associate this child with the caregiver.
  9. When the student is set to disable as they have left your school, their associated caregivers will be disabled  as well.
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