Delete or Disable Users

To disable an individual user and stop them accessing their account:

  1. Go to Tools > Administration and a list of users will appear.
  2. Use the search box to find the specific user.
  3. Click Action > Edit next to the user's name.
  4. The user's details will appear. Select disable_user.GIF
  5. Click save_button.GIF



To delete an individual user and wipe their data from KnowledgeNET:

Be careful selecting this option as it is irreversible!

  1.  Go to Tools > Administration and a list of users will appear.
  2. Use the search box to find the specific user.
  3. Click Action >Delete next to the user's name. 



To disable or delete Students  by Year Level:

A good task to do at the end of each year for school leavers.

  1.  Go to Tools > Administration > Misc Admin > Roll Over > Disable and Delete Users.
  2. Select the Year Level you wish to disable and click OK.
  3. Select the number of days before deleting students if they have been disabled (Choose 0 if you only want to keep them disabled or choose 1 if you want them deleted the next day) and click OK


Alternatively,  you can use the KnowledgeNET spreadsheet to bulk delete users. 

  1. Go to Tools > Administation > Misc Admin > Uploads > Create Spreadsheet
  2. Download the spreadsheet in either Open Office format or Microsoft Excel .
  3. Edit the spreadsheet and put "Y" in the "delete this user" column. Only next to those students, caregivers and teachers you wish to delete.
  4. Save your spreadsheet and upload spreadsheet into KnowledgeNET Tools > Administation > Misc Admin > Uploads > Uplaod Data
  5. Browse for your file and click upload.GIF
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