Assign class, subject or group to a user

There are three ways you can manually assign user(s) to a class or group.

  1. Individually assign each member from the users panel (see below)
  2. Use the bulk upload spreadsheet using data exported manually from your SMS
  3. Use group provisioning to create a rule that will assign user types, year levels or groups to other groups e.g. All students belong to the group "Library" or Year 1's belong to syndicate "Junior Team"

Before trying to assign members to a group please make sure you have created the Group!

Individually assign each member

This is useful if dealing with a small number of students spread across the school e.g. student council, Mrs Smiths's Netball Team, School Choir etc

  1. Go to Tools > Administration and the users panel will appear.
  2. Use the search box to find the user e.g. First Name, Year Level etc
  3. Next to their name click Action and a menu of group categories will appear e.g. Classes, Groups, Houses etc

  4. Choose the Group category e.g. Subjects and the "Manage User's Subjects" window will appear.

  5. Use plus_button.GIF to select the Group(s) and then save.GIF
  6. The user will now be able to access this group from My Zone

If the user is already logged in they may need to go Tools > Refresh Menu to update the menu bar.





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