Roll out configuration changes to existing users

Sometimes you may wish to roll out changes you make in the user configuration area to existing users. 

Reasons why you might do this:

  • Reset the titles of default and special pages in users home area
  • Turn on/off items such as calendars, noticeboards etc

It is important to note that it is NOT possible to change the Welcome Page HTML template for existing users. This is to protect the content the user may have added to their page. If you wish to roll out new homepage templates it would require deleting or archiving existing users.


To roll out changes to existing groups:

  1. Make sure you have made the desired changes in the User Configuration Area
  2. Then go to: Tools > Admin > Misc Admin > Roll Out of Homepages
  3. Select the user type (student, teacher or administrator), check reset page titles and click OK.

  4. Be Patient! This may take some time to process.
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