Configure what users view under My Contacts

All users get access to My Contacts under My Zone. From here users can view and search a list of students and teachers at the school. My Contacts will also display links to profiles, homepages, classes etc.  Users will not be able to access pages they do not have permission to view.


Please note that caregivers can only view the teachers list.

In this article we will learn how to configure what will appear in the contacts list.

  1. Go to Tools > Administration > Configuration Options > General Config 

  2. Under My Contacts Options configure the following:
    • What each user type can list by:
    • When viewing by Class, Group and Subject: can students list other students etc
    • When viewing all users: can students list other students etc
    • Links to show: choose what links to display for each user type e.g. Homepage link, Class membership etc


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