Change Main Menu Items

KnowledgeNET gives you the flexibility to hide or rename links displayed in the main top menu and any of the drop down menus.



When would you want to use this feature?

  • you have no intention of using a particular area or link e.g. Staff Area
  • you wish to change the name of a link so it has more relevance to your school e.g. School Noticeboard to Daily Notices
  • you wish to hide an entire zone e.g. Cluster Zone
  • you want to share your school noticeboard and school calendar with Parents

To make changes to your Menu:

  1. Go to Tools > Administration > Configuration Options > Menu Configuration
  2. Use the checkboxes and text fields to hide and rename your menu options.
  3. Click Save
  4. Don't forget to go Tools > Refresh Menu to force your browser to show changes.


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