Mass Manage Calendars & Noticeboards

All user's have a merged calendar and noticeboard in their home area. These will display all events and notices of the different groups they belong to. For example, a student could view events from the school calendar, their class calendar and their netball group by clicking on the Calendar link in their personal navigator. 


How can user's manage what calendars/noticeboards they see?

Users can setup their calendar to display events from other groups they belong to by going to

  1. Action > Calendar Settings or Noticeboard Settings. A list of available calendars or noticeboards will appear.
  2.  Click add_icon.GIFnext to the calendar(s) or noticeboard(s) to select the calendar/ noticeboard.
  3. Click Ok to save selection.

Users cannot see calendars they do not have permission to view.


How do Administrators mass manage calendars & noticeboards for users?

  1. Go to Tools > Administration > Misc Admin and Mass Manage Calendars & Noticeboards.
  2. Use the check boxes to select the calendars that you want to merge on student's and teacher's "My Calendars". Careful, don't select Staff Calendar for students!
  3. Click Ok to save your selection. This may take a little why to process.
  4. Once this has finished processing users will be able to view all events and notices from their home area.


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