Staff Area: a virtual private staffroom for teachers

The Staff Area is a virtual private staffroom for all teachers at your school. Use the Staff Area to develop an online community to share resources and promote discussion amongst teachers at your school. 

Before developing your Staff Area think about the following questions:



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  1. What would my staff go to a virtual staffroom for?
  2. How could a virtual staffroom make their lives easier?
  3. How could a virtual staffroom support them in their?
    • teaching and learning?
    • utilisation of KnowledgeNET?
    • professional development?




Sample Staff Area Site Map

Forums - use forums to promote discussion, debate and professional learning for your staff

Calendar -  use for Staff PD and meeting Dates and new calendars for bookings e.g. Hall Bookings, Laptop Bookings etc

Notices - send out notices just for staff

Polls - get staff voting on ideas e.g. where should we have our end of term function?


  • Communication - upload meeting minutes, list of relievers, letter templates
  • Planning - upload planning templates
  • Assessment - info about assessment
  • Professional Learning - links to resources etc that support PL at your school
  • Policies & Procedures - staff handbook etc
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