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The Public Pages (School Zone > Public Pages) is a space to share with your wider community. Without having to login, people can access information you share in the public area by clicking on the Public Home link on your KnowledgeNET login page.


Schools who do not have a public website can use this area to promote their school.

Sample Public Homepage



For a small ongoing additional cost we highly recommend setting up a KnowledgeWEB for your school.

Why KnowledgeWEB?

  1. your school website address can be used e.g.
  2. you can have a customised design to reflect the uniqueness of your school
  3. you can use the KN tools to update your website

Please contact us, if you wish to find out more about KnowledgeWEB for your school.


Rename or Hide Public Pages

If you prefer to rename Public Home, (located on the login page) and Public Pages (located under School Zone menu) to something else e.g. Website then follow the instructions in the change menu help file. If you do now wish to use the public pages at all then please un-tick show.




To Edit Your Public Pages

  1. Go to School Zone > Public Pages then refer to the online text editor help files to learn how to add content to this area.
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