Using the Emailer to send ParentPortal login info to Parents & Caregivers.

Note: this functionality was introduced in Version 6.1.0 of KnowledgeNET / ParentPortal.

The emailer functionality has been designed to allow the school administrator to do a mass mailout to all parents & caregivers, thus informing them of the ParentPortal and giving them the URL and credentials to log in.


Path: Administration > Configuration Options > General Config

In the Emailer Configuration section enter the Sender email address, and alter the Unsubscribe-link text.



To create a mail-out basic the process is as follows:

  1. Create a re-usable email template
  2. Create an Emailer job by selecting a template and recipients/groups
  3. Submit the Emailer Job to the Emailer Job Queue
  4. Monitor the Emailer Job Queue

1. Creating a new email template

Path: Administration > Email Manager > Email Templates.

To create a new Email template click the Add button.


Enter a Template title that describes the template - this title is NOT used in the email, it is used to remind what the purpose of the template is.

Enter the Email Subject - this is the subject line that will be used in the email that is sent.

Then compose the Email Message by entering your school's welcome message, and use the tags in place of the recipients name, credentials etc. as the tags will be replaced / substituted when the email is sent.

So for example you might start " Dear " and then click on the {FULL_NAME} tag, resulting in "Dear {FULL_NAME}" - During the email sending process the recipients' full name will be substituted for each recipient in the list.

An example template:


I'd like to welcome you and invite you to log in to the {SCHOOL_NAME} Parent Portal.

The portal is an extremely good way for you to track your son or daughter's progress through NCEA, and is updated daily. Once an assessment is completed, marked and moderated, the results are automatically added to the portal, meaning you have a full picture of your child's progress all of the time.

To access the portal, visit this site: {LOGIN_WEB_ADDRESS} 
and enter your username and password.
Your username: {LOGIN_USER_NAME}
Your password: {LOGIN_PASSWORD}

Your son or daughter has a login for the portal too, so if you have any questions about NCEA, assessment terminology or any of the assessments themselves, a great thing to do is to sit down together and have them answer your questions.

Kind regards,

Joe Bloggs
Deputy Principal.

When you've completed the template click the "OK" button to save it.


2. Create an new Emailer Job

Path: Administration > Email Manager > Email Jobs.

To create a new Email Job click the Add button.


Once you have filled in a title that describes the email job and selected a template to use, click OK.

Now you can add recipients. These can be individual recipients, or recipient groups, like Caregivers or Teachers.


First select a single individual recipient, such as yourself, to test the template.


You are able to select from a subset, like Teachers, by using the drop-down menu.

3. Submit the Emailer Job to the Emailer Job Queue

Once a recipient has been added you are able to submit the email job to the Emailer Queue, which will send the email.


Once the email job is submitted to the queue it is no longer editable, but can be viewed:


4.Monitor the Emailer Job Queue

Path: Administration > Email Manager > Email Queue Status


The queue is processed every 5 minutes, and can send about 1 email every second.


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