Create homepage templates for each group type

Using templates is an easy way to get teachers started with their class or group homepages. We provide a range of templates to help you. You can create templates in 3 easy steps.

  1. Choose your template
  2. Modify the template e.g. school colours
  3. Copy the html code (source code) and paste in the New Group configuration area.


Sample Primary Homepage



Sample Department Homepage

To access our pre-made templates you will need to create a page so you can design and edit the template. Create your class/group template by following the steps below:

  1. Go to School Zone> School Area
  2. Click add_subpage.GIF
  3. Give the Page a Title e.g. Class Homepage Template and click save.GIF

  4. Click action_edit_content.GIF
  5. Click the templates button template1.GIF in the Text Editor to view our selection of pre-made templates. 
  6. Select your preferred template from the list provided.
  7. Use the Text Editor tools to modify your template - change template colours, images and personalise the text. For further help see our online Text Editor Guide
  8. Click the source.GIFbutton to view html source code.
  9. Use your mouse to highlight and copy the source code.


Now that we have designed the template we need to implement this template for the class/group: 

  1. Now go to Tools > Admin > New Group Configuration and select the relevant group category e.g. Class, Subject, Sport, Cultural etc
  2. Paste the source code into the content area.

  3. Repeat the steps for each group type e.g. Class, Subject, Sport and Cultural etc. Pleas note that for each group type the template may change slightly. 

Important: group templates cannot be rolled out to existing groups - only NEW groups to be added to your KnowledgeNET! Why? You don't won't to overwrite what a teacher has already created!


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