Configure Group Pages


1. To configure Group Pages go to Tools > Administration > Group Options > New Group Configuration and select the group you wish to configure

Before uploading all users and groups, it is important to configure the pages and homepage templates for each of the group types e.g. Classes, Sports, Cultural. Configuring groups makes it faster and easier teachers to update and keeps uniformity across the school.

Before you start make sure you have designed each group template.


To configure group pages:

  1. Go to Tools > Administration > Group Options > New Group Configuration and select the group you wish to configure e.g. Class
  2. Use the check box to turn on/off pages and type in the box to rename pages.
  • Welcome - An editable text page for the class/group
  • Content - Copy and paste the html source code from your class/group homepage template into this space.
  • Our Best Work - A page that can be linked to and displayed publically. Could be renamed e.g. Showcase.
  • Extra Pages - Up to four default additional group text pages. 
    • Sample Primary Class Extra Pages - Numeracy, Literacy, Topic, Term Overview, Home Learning, Info for Parents
    • Sample Secondary Class Extra Pages - Lessons/Unit Plans, Assessment Schedule, Course Overview,  Unit Standards, Useful Resources
    • Sample Sports Extra Pages - Draws, Skills, Team Coach, Rules etc

(Teachers can add unlimited sub-pages to their class or group)

  • Other Special Pages
    • Noticeboard - a private noticeboard for class/group. Only group members can see this noticeboard
    • Forum - a private forum for this class/group. Topics initiated by the teacher of this class/group
  • Special Areas
    • Calendars - a private calendar for the class/group
    • Galleries - a photo gallery tools for the class/group
    • Polls - Allow teachers to create polls for their class/group.
    • Filing Cabinet - a place to store all files and documents for class/group.

Click Save to update changes. These changes will be applied to any new group that is created. 

Will these changes apply to existing Groups?

Turning on/off or renaming items in  "Special Areas" and "Other Special Pages" will affect existing groups e.g. Calendars, Noticeboards etc.

It is important to note that it is NOT possible to change the Welcome Page HTML template for existing groups through the configuration area. This is to protect the content the teacher may have added to their group page. If you wish to roll out new homepage templates it would require deleting or archiving existing groups.


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