Rename, Delete or Archive Group(s)

To Rename or Delete a Group:

  1. Go to Tools > Administration > Group Options > Groups and a list of groups will appear.
  2. Find the group using the search box and click Action next to the Group Title.
  3. To Rename click Edit or select Delete to remove permanently.


To Archive or Delete a collection of Groups:

  1. Go to Tools > Administration > Misc Admin > Rollover > Delete and Archive Groups and a list of all your groups will appear.
  2. You can choose to delete or archive each group by placing a tick in the archive or delete column.  Please remember that Deletion is permanent, and there is a fee is you wish to restore from backup.
  3. Archiving merely hides the group, allowing you to browse and retrieve pages later. Archived groups can be found by going to School Zone > Browse Entire School> in the navigator you will find an Archive Area. Use the + to reveal archived groups.

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