Turn on and off ePortfolio tools and assignments

To turn on and off  the following functionality:

  • eReflections
  • Learning Stories
  • Learning Journals
  • Assignments
  • Course Options
  • Career Interests
  1. Go to Tools > Administration > Configuration Options > General Config
  2. From the select modules area use the check box to enable or disable functionality

  3. ePortfolios Tools and assignments will now appear as a link in all group navigators and student navigators. Each teacher can then choose whether to hide this module for their specific group. (Navigator "Action" button > Display Options)

Configure Learning Stories

Add topics and key competencies for teachers to tag learning story entries against.

  1. Go to Tools > Administration > Configuration Options > Learning Stories

  2. Type your competency then click Add
  3. Use the buttons to move Competencies Up or Down
  4. Click Save to update configuration.
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