KnowledgeNET currently has a simple notification system that will email users if changes or edits are made to the following items:

  • Pages
  • School Calendar
  • Forums

Firstly, notifications must be turned on for the site by going to Tools > Administration > Configuration Options > General Config


Don't forget to save_button.GIF your configuration.


Next Teachers and Administrators can configure Notifications for their Groups.


To configure notification for Pages, School Calendar or Forums

  1. Press the Action button above the item e.g. School Calendar and select Notifications
  2. The Notification Options window will appear. Configure the following options:
    •  Notify Additions/Changes: choose from the drop down menu
      • No (never receive notifications
      • Every Change and Addition
      • Don't Notify Again Before
    • Time Between Notifications (select frequency of notification)
    • Notify All Users Who Have Read Access (this will use email under users profile)
    • Notify Specific Email Addresses (enter any other email addresses)
    • notification_options.GIF
  3. Click OK to save configuration

Depending on your settings an email will notify users of additions/changes.

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