Turn on Web Diary portfolio for teachers

The web diary tools enables teachers to reflect on their teaching practice. Web diaries consist of topics and reflective entries related to topics. Topics can be set by the site administrator (School Wide Topics) or by the teacher (Personal Topics).

Each entry will have:

  • Topic(s) to tag the entry to
  • Evidence (can be a file, video, photo or online text)
  • Description e.g. this is a video of my teaching a maths lesson
  • Reflection e.g. What? So What? Now What?


To turn on Web Diary for teachers:

  1. Go to Tools > Administration > User Options > New Teacher configuration.
  2. Tick web diary option at bottom of the page.
  3. Save
To set school wide topics for teachers:
  1. Go to Tools > Administration > Configuration Options > Web Diary
  2. Type the title of the topic in the fields provided for teachers e.g. 
    • Inquiry
    • Integrating ICT
    • Implementing the New Curriculum
    • Solo Taxonomy
  3. Save

Please note that web diaries is also available for students - follow the same process above. 
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