Learn how to archive classes and groups

As the end of the year approaches  it is time for administrators to think about archiving existing classes ready for the start of the new academic year.


What is archiving?

When a class or group is archived all pages and items e.g. polls, photo and galleries associated with that group will be archived in secure area in KnowledgeNET.


Can I access classes or groups that I have archived?

Yes, once something is archived it will become accessible under the Browse Entire School link under School Zone. Any pages and subpages can be copied and pasted back into new group but please note that once other items such as polls, forums, photo galleries and assignments are archived that cannot be reused in new groups.


Why should we archive our classes?

We recommend archiving classes at the end of each academic year. Archiving eliminates the need to manually delete outdated content such as photos, polls and forum discussions. Archiving means a fresh start to the New Year but still provides the ability to access your archived pages.


What if I have created online units of work in my class space and want to reuse these units/pages next year?

This is easy, just find your class in the Archive Area and copy the page(s) you wish to reuse. Go back to your new class and paste these as subpages.


Can I keep our subject/department groups but archive teaching classes?

Yes, our archive facility enables you to choose what groups and classes you wish to archive. Department and subject areas are used to build up shared resources across year levels so these do not need to be archived.


How do I archive classes?

Go to tools > administration > misc admin > roll over > delete and archive groups. Carefully select from the list provided the groups you wish to archive. 


Do I need to disable/delete students if we have KnowledgeNET/ Moodle connected to our SMS?

No, interoperability takes care of this. When students are rolled over to school leavers they’re account will become disabled and after a set period of time their account will be deleted from KnowledgeNET. Check Tools > Admin > SMS Configuration to set days before deleting.


What happens to e-portfolios such as learning stories and learning journals?

E-portfolios are attached to the classes rather than the students and therefore get archived with the classes. Students are able to access archived learning journals via their Myzone area, selecting learning journals and ticking the box "view archived learning journals" Teachers can view the submissions to learning archived learning stories by opening the archive in the "browse entire school"  area and searching for the class and selecting learning journals.

Expanding on this care givers will also be able to view archived learning journals from the parent portal as well.


How do I roll-over students and classes if I don't have interoperability?

  1. First make sure you have disabled/deleted your school levers through KnowledgeNET - see question below.
  2. Decide if you wish to archive existing classes or keep them the same for next year. It's always good to have a fresh start each year by archiving classes!
  3. Depending on your school size choose one of the following options:
    • Roll Size Larger than 50 - Export from your SMS and bulk upload users (please ensure external ID's match to avoid duplication)
    • Roll Size Less than 50 - Go to tools > Admin > Misc Admin > Create Spreadsheet. This will generate a list of all current users, group memberships and groups. Make necessary changes on the spreadsheet, save and then re-upload by going to Tools > Admin > Misc Admin > Upload. This may take some time to process. 


How do I disable/delete users if I don't have interoperability?

If you don’t have interoperability it is important to disable/delete school leavers. Go to Tools > Administration > Misc Admin > Roll Over > Disable/Delete Users. Select the Year level you wish to Archive e.g. Year 13. Then select the number of days after disabling to delete e.g. 30 days

Alternatively, generate a spreadsheet of current users by going to Tools > Administration > Misc Admin > Uploads > Create Spreadsheet. Download an Excel or Open Office version of the spreadsheet.

In the “Delete this user” column place a “Y” next to the names of users you wish to delete. Save the file.

In KnowledgeNET, go back to Tools > Administration > Misc Admin > Uploads > Upload Data – browse for the spreadsheet on your computer to upload. Press the Upload button. This may take time to process but you can still navigate away from this page.


Please contact support if you have any questions or issues with the rollover process

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