End of Year Rollover for KnowledgeNET Users (WITHOUT WebSYNC Interoperability)

Below are some basic principles that will help with your end of year rollover; and also some frequently asked questions / issues.

Download Spreadsheets

The spreadsheet is a great way to mass manage your users and classes, this can located at Tools -> Administration -> Misc Admin -> Uploads -> Create Spreadsheet.




The spreadsheet is pre-loaded with all of your users and groups, on separate pages.

  • Do not touch the header (top) rows or add/delete columns.
  • In the Group Type sheet, don’t change anything unless advised.
  • If you delete a row from one of the other sheets, it will be ignored (i.e. the user/group will not be deleted).
  • If you alter anything, it will update that user or group.
  • If you add a row, a new user or group will be created.
  • To delete a user or group, put Y in the Delete This User / Group column for that user / group.
  • The Unique External Id column is important. It must match the External ID in KnowledgeNET in order to update that group or user, otherwise it will be treated as a new entry, thus creating a new group or user.
  • If you want to change an External ID, put this in the New External Id column, and leave the Unique External Id column.
  • The “Member of Group” columns link up the user to the groups you enter. Don’t leave any blanks. There is no limit to the number of groups a user can belong to. Just keep adding groups, working through the columns to the right.
  • Certain fields must match within the spreadsheet.
    • The “Member of Groups” columns for users must match the Unique External Id column for those groups
    • The “caregiver id” columns for students must match the Unique External Id column for those caregivers.
    • The Group Type columns for groups must match one of the “Group Type” fields in the Group Types sheet.
    • There is no means to disable users here. If you set “Lock Users Account”, it merely prevents them from updating their profile.


Upload the spreadsheet/s.

This can be done via Tools -> Administration -> Misc Admin -> Uploads -> Upload Data



  • The spreadsheet will be checked. If all is correct, the entries will be processed in the background. This can take a while for a large spreadsheet.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Some common issues are listed below with instructions on how to deal with them.


I want to delete the old classes or hide them somehow in case I need them (or something in them)


You can delete multiple classes using Tools -> Administration -> Misc Admin -> Rollover -> Delete and Archive Groups. It’s also possible to archive old classes. This takes them out of the menus and the administration area, but leaves them available through School Zone -> Archive Area. You can visit this area and copy pages and files from there. You can also, at a later date, restore the classes in order to use them fully again.


  • Please go to Tools -> Administration -> Misc Admin -> Rollover -> Delete and Archive Groups


  • Carefully select from the list provided the classes you wish to archive or delete. Then use the "submit" button at the bottom of the menu to action these for processing. The classes can be grouped by various means in order to quickly identify and select the ones that you are after. Use the Sort and Select All buttons to do this.
  • If you archive a class, you can restore it later by visiting the same page. The Archive option will then be listed as Unarchive for that class, and you can select this option to restore the class to normal use.


I want to delete old notices, calendar entries etc.


  • Please go to Tools -> Administration -> Misc Admin -> Roll Over -> Delete Old Data as per below. 4.jpg

I want everyone to see the school calendar / notice board etc in their home area


Go to Tools -> Administration -> Misc Admin -> Mass Manage Calendars/Noticeboards by selecting your desired noticeboards and calendars and clicking 


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