SMS Data Configuration

In this step we are going to configure the display of data from the SMS.


To do this:

  1. Go to Tools > Administration > SMS Connection > SMS Data Config and configure the following information.    
  • SMS Type - Select your Student Management System from the drop down list
  • Number of days before deleting students and caregivers after they have been disabled - Choosing 0 will prevent deletion. We recommend 30 days.
  • Number of school (i.e. working) days before attendance is displayed: This is retrospective and not intended as a system for early notification we recommend between 1 - 3 days.
  • Help text for assessment details - personalise the default help text for your school. This text is what caregivers and students will see before they view their assessment results. See  examples below.
  • NZQA Student results are
    for year
    NZQA Student results are (interim) or (final) for year (select year)- secondary schools can select whether results displayed are interim or final and the relevant year i.e. this year.
  • Additional email for errors (if the administrator as defined in the General Configuration has an email address, they will receive an email by default): You may wish to add your SMS administrator's email here. They will then also get notified of any upload errors.



Primary example of Assessment Help Text



Secondary Example of Assessment Help Text


  • Username & Password Formats - Use the drop down menu to select your preferred username and password format. The password format can be based on the password rules you set earlier


  • Display of personal details - for each user type select what details from the SMS you would like them to be able to view in KnowledgeNET. For example, if you don't want caregivers to see attendance details then do not tick this box.


Click save_button.GIF to update changes.


We recommend, once the data has transferred from your LMS, that you login as each user type and check what each user type can view and access. 

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