Setting up SmartNET for WebSYNC

Setting up SmartNET for WebSYNC


1)     Create a user on the SmartNET server called 'knetsync' and grant the user access privileges to the SMS share on the SmartNET server.

2)     Create a local user with the same username 'knetsync' and password on the PC running WebSYNC . 

3)     Configure the WebSYNC service to run as the 'knetsync' user.

4)     Configure the WebSYNC client to use the UNC path for the SMS upload folder rather than the mapped drive connection.


The schools should be able to do all of the above. If not, then call SmartNET on 03 982 2233 and they should be able to help with setting up the user on the SmartNET server.


Please also read the Installing and configuring WebSYNC in a Linux or Smart-Net Network document attached to this article.

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