H5P Content - interactive lessons and charts

What is it?

H5P provides a library of interactive content. For example, you can create a quiz, or a set of flash cards. You can upload a video, and then add popup questions and comments at various points, so that they appear when the student plays the video. There are many more. Check out for more details

How can I use it?

You'll need the new version of KnowledgeNET - please ask us to upgrade you to the beta version.

At this stage we have given you the ability to add content in the same way that you would add a page. On any page, click the spanner icon, and Add H5P Presentation. Enter the title, and save. Pick a content type from the dropdown box, and all the configuration settings will appear for that content type.

There is often a huge amount of settings, but don't be scared. We suggest you try a very simple content type such as "Guess The Answer" first of all. Any required fields will have an asterisk * and you will be prompted to correct any errors when saving. 

When you have finished editing, click Save, and you will then see the finished version. If you've put this in a class area, your students will then be able to find it in the navigator and see it in action. Different content types operate in different ways - some are static displays, and others require you to click a play button. They are designed to be as simple to use as possible.

Is that it? 

No, we are planning to allow you to embed H5P content into other pages. You'll be able to select content from within the WYSIWYG, and add it into a page. You'll also be able to create H5P from inside the WYSIWYG, or upload content that you've copied from elsewhere, even from a completely different site. Anything you create inside the WYSIWYG will appear in a new area in the filing cabinet.

Some of the content types also record the score from each user, and we'll be giving you a means to view these scores too.

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