KnowledgeNET 2016 Roadmap

KnowledgeNET Development Roadmap for 2016

As the original developers of KnowledgeNET, we are keen to see KnowledgeNET enhanced to make it more useful as a teaching aid in the classroom.

To this end, we are looking at releasing two new versions of KnowledgeNET during 2016.

Version - estimated release date: June 2016

Incorporate H5P interactive content into KnowledgeNET, including:

- Interactive slides

- Interactive Video

- quizes

- charts

- dialog cards

- memory games 

and much more!

See: for the full list of media types.

Version - estimated release date: Nov 2016

Make KnowledgeNET mobile and ipad friendly, including:

- Replacement of 'right click' context menus

- Replacement of Flash video playing with HTML5

- Replacement of Flash video recording with HTML5

- Where possible, making pages better viewable on a small screen.

Requests for other Bugs / Fixes

If you wish to report a bug that needs to be fixed or a feature that you feel would be useful to add, then please don't hesitate to contact us. 

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